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Long Point Property Owners' Association
Architectural Review Board
Resident Construction Application


   (1) Site Plan Showing:

        Property lines, set back lines (Long Point and/or Chatham County), house location, and exact

        locations of homes on adjoining lots.

        Driveway and sidewalk locations.

        Culverts and drainage locations.

        Elevations of lot corners, first floor, and edge of roadway.

        Tree and topographic survey (trees to be removed should be marked).

        Drainage plan assuring no runoff to adjoining lot or roads.

        Location of adjacent amenities or natural features, i.e., water, common open space, marsh area

        and creek footage.

   (2) Complete Drawings Showing:

        Elevation and grading plan.

        Foundation plans with construction details showing minimum foundation heights.

        Exterior elevations (all sides).

        Typical wall section and construction detail.

        Landscape plan showing sizes (heights) of plants to be installed.

        Floor plans.

        Service entry to property for water, electricity, telephone and cable.

        Specifications, including materials and exterior colors.

   (3) Payment of Application Fee:

        A $500.00 non-refundable application/permit fee and a $1,000.00 refundable deposit payable

        to Long Point Property Owners Association, ARB (Architectural Review Board) is due upon

        submission of the application. Any additional Architectural fees assessed will also be paid by


II. Stakeout Approval

    Upon receiving final approval, applicant will:

    (1)   Mark any trees to be removed with red tape. Remove all other tape from trees.

    (2)   Call for a Clearing Permit and clear as approved. NOTE: Until this permit is posted, no trees will

           be removed, nor will any construction material be stored on site.

    (3)   Stakeout and string lot for construction.

    (4)   Place portable toilet on the property as far back on the lot as possible with the door facing 

           away from the street and adjoining houses.

    (5)   Place trash receptacle on lot.

    (6)   Place a builder's sign on the property (one sign per site).

    (7)   Upon notification that the above items have been completed, the ARB will inspect and post

           the Long Point Building Permit.

    (8)   Post the Chatham County Building Permit in a conspicuous location.

Thanks for submitting!

If you would prefer to download and print this application, please turn it in to the Gate House with all supporting documentation.

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