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2024 Annual Assessment and community updates

There is no increase in the annual dues for the 24-25 fiscal year. The amount due is $1940 for homeowners and $970 for undeveloped lots. Your individual account in the Sentry Portal will be updated with the annual assessment by April 1 so you can make a one-time annual payment or set up automatic monthly payments by April 30. The Sentry portal can be easily found at the top right of the LPPOA website.

Sentry emailed the annual assessment announcement and budget to everyone in their database and will be mailing, via USPS, a copy along with your individual dues statement within the next week.

When the fiscal year ends on March 31, Sentry's financial office will reconcile the accounts and our budget to provide an end of year financial report with details on expenditures and reserves. This should be available to view on the Sentry portal around the third week of April. Sentry will send a email once it is posted.

Please check your spam email for Senty emails, the return address is

If you aren't receiving Sentry emails, please let us know at and we will ask Sentry to add you to their community cares email blasts.


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