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Boat Day Dock New Policies

Dear Long Point Residents,

We have a new policy for our Day Dock spaces.

We have three Day Dock spaces on our docks for residents to use to temporarily dock their boats.

The policy has always been a maximum of three days for use of the day dock.

We have a new registration process and maximum number of days per month (6).  

Anyone who uses the day dock must call the gate house with their contact information as well as their boat information. Residents using day docks must also call to notify the gatehouse when they leave the dock.

This step is important because there is a new policy allowing a maximum of 6 days per month using the day docks per household. These days can be used in three day increments or less, but the maximum days per month is 6 days. This policy is to ensure equal access to all residents who want to use the day docks.

This message is sent as part of our Long Point website blog. Sentry is also sending this information out to their resident database. If you don't receive an email from Sentry, please contact us at so we can notify Sentry.


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