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Covenants Feedback needed

COVENANTS FEEDBACK needed - via email and/or join us for a meeting on May 10 at 7PM at the pool pavilion.

At last year’s annual meeting, there was a lot of interest in participating in the process of revising the covenants. In the ensuing months, the board collected comments and suggestions from many Long Point residents, and we are moving toward being able to present a new draft of the covenants for the consideration by the entire neighborhood. Before that happens, we are convening a covenants committee so that actively interested participants can review the changes and make contributions. Here are the highlights of the proposed changes:

Streamline and shorten the covenants from the current 172 pages to about 50.

Remove all references to the original developer, who is no longer involved in the community.

Allow personal, non-commercial pickup trucks to be parked in driveways—this common practice is currently forbidden by the covenants.

Cap the board’s ability to raise annual dues at 10% instead of the current 25%.

Lower the threshold of homeowners required to approve changes to the covenants to 66.7% from the current 75%.

Clarify contractor and lawn-maintenance hours.

In short, the goal of the covenant revision project is to make things clearer, simpler, and more transparent to homeowners.

The goal is not to introduce a bunch of new rules or make this a more restrictive neighborhood to live in. But we are operating under out-of-date covenants created by and for the benefit of the original developers and builders of Long Point. We need a document that better serves the community.

The draft and current covenants are both on the new website

We are looking for feedback on the draft covenants. Please compare the current covenants (171 pages) with the draft covenants (50 pages) and send us your thoughts at

If you would like to take part in the covenants committee, please join us on May 10 at 7:00pm at the pool pavilion. We need you to please RSVP for the May 10 meeting by sending us an email at

Please check out the new website and sign up as a member for updates and access to the calendar, directory, and members only documents.


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