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Easter Egg Hunt and Sentry Management

Please come to the pool/playground area tomorrow (April 9) at 5:00pm for an Easter Egg hunt. Our social committee is hosting this special event. We are grateful for our community volunteers!

Sentry management is finished onboarding, please sign up on their portal to check your account details.

As posted earlier, Sentry held onto a lot of payment checks while they set up the individual resident accounts. It is important to sign up and verify everything is correct.

We have realized during this period that the only way to get in touch with local Sentry folks is through email. They have a call center handle daily calls b/c the community managers are on site in neighborhoods most days and the call center can quickly help on some issues. Please email to get the local people to help with issues. The local Sentry folks are going to provide some specific Long Point information to the call center so they will hopefully be helpful when we call and have a concern.

The other resource for issues, is our Long Point webpage: there is a place to report concerns and it will go straight to the Board and Sentry.

The Long Point POA website has more documents posted, including some in the members only section. We are trying to make the website a great resource, so please bookmark the page for quick reference.

One item we are trying to add is a FAQ for new residents. If you have input on this, please submit it to

Thank you for your patience during this hectic transition to Sentry. Lanier gave us and other neighborhoods 60 days to find new management companies. We hope things get smoother now that most of the transition is completed.


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