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Front Entrance Traffic Signal Q&A’s with Chatham County

After sharing the new entrance light plans, we had some questions from residents. We shared all the residents' questions with Chatham County. The Q&A's are below.

Chatham County also told us that they are securing the contract for construction and the project should begin in the upcoming weeks.

'Thank you for your questions about the Johnny Mercer at Lyman Hall Intersection Improvement Project. I've copied the questions and provided answers following. Please let me know if there are any points you'd like me to provide further information on.

1. We need to be able to turn right on red out of the neighborhood. Please ensure that access is available.

       There are currently no plans to prohibit right turns from Lyman Hall Rd on to Johnny Mercer Blvd.

2. Why is there a cross walk at our entrance area? There isn’t a sidewalk there but there is supposed to be one installed across Johnny Mercer, it should be on the Viera side of Johnny Mercer.

       Chatham County follows GDOT's Complete Street's policy which requires improvements for all modes of transportation. The crosswalk across Lyman Hall and Johnny Mercer are to ensure pedestrians can safely traverse the intersection.

3. Why aren’t they using painted Mast poles instead of strain poles and cables.  This would be more appropriate and appealing, similar to what was installed at Bradley Point.

       The use of mast arms in this area was restricted by the width of the intersection.

4. Bus stop area is not accessible.

       The bus stop area will remain in a similar location to where it is located presently.

5. Drain inlet is missing from plans.  It is currently on our exit side of neighborhood on Johnny Mercer Blvd.

       I previously sent Ms. Bradham the Signing and Marking plans. The signing and marking plans are generally easier to read than the construction plans. The drainage inlet is present on the construction plans.

6. Is center median raised concrete or landscaped?

       The median of Lyman Hall is grass. The center raised median of Johnny Mercer Blvd is concrete.

7. What size vehicle was used to require expanded pavement for u-turn? All size vehicles are currently making the u-turn.

       The center raised median of Johnny Mercer Boulevard will change the geometry of the road for vehicles making the u-turn movement. The expanded pavement is to ensure vehicles will be able to make the u-turn once the raised median is in place.'


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