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Gate Attendant Christmas

One of our neighbors, Stayce Koegler, has coordinated a group gift for the gate attendants every year for the past 6 years. She is collecting again. If you are interested in participating, here is the information:

“I'll be coordinating a Group Gift again this year for our hard working gate attendants.  If you'd like to participate you may contribute the following ways:

Venmo - @stayce-koegler

Cash or Check in our mailbox - 113 Grays Creek Court

Of course, participation is your choice - below are the names of our amazing guards if you prefer to do your own thing:

Glenda Wilkerson

Jeannette Cooper

Rose Watts

Odell Sharpless

Jimmy Furgerson

Latoya Rivers

I will take contribations until December 3rd.  Once the gift is collected I'll reach out again to see if anyone would like the honor of delivering the gift cards - it's a feel-good moment for sure - they are incredibly grateful and it brings me to tears every year!

Long Point Rocks!  = )))”


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