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Pool Updates

We hope to open the pool as soon as possible. As shared in a previous communication, we had to rebuild our pool stairs to come into compliance with regulations so we can pass inspection and open the pool this year. The new set of stairs in the shallow end of the pool now stretch across th shallow end and will hopefully enhance usability. The pool management company is waiting on new handrails before we can have the county inspection in order to open the pool.

The new pavers on the pool deck are going to be pressure washed this weekend to prepare them for sealing next week. Once the sealer is applied, it has to dry for 24 hours so the pool and walkway area will be cordoned off.

There will be weekend lifeguards starting May 6. After Memorial Day, we will have daily lifeguards from 11-8 through August 4, then back to weekends only through Labor Day. We will continue to provide updates and hope to open the pool to swimming in early May. Please remember when lifeguards are not on duty, anyone under 18 cannot swim without an adult present.


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