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Traffic Signal at our exit:

Update on new light:

The contractor is starting Monday, October 2. They will be doing some night work that night when the large light poles are delivered b/w 8pm-midnight. The exit lanes of our neighborhood will be closed temporarily while one of the poles is placed in that exit corner. The contractor will work with our gate attendant and have extra people to control traffic.

Once they begin work on the median on Johnny Mercer, probably on Tuesday, our residents won’t be able to use the center lane of Johnny Mercer to complete left turns out of our neighborhood. He suggested people make right turns and make a u-turn to get left during high traffic times.

They are hoping to finish construction by December but there are a few items out of their control, like electric poles on the other side of Johnny Mercer are too low and GA Power has to make some changes.

Please feel free to reach out to us at with any questions or concerns.


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