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Long Point Property Owners' Association 
Golf Cart Registration Form

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If you would prefer to download and print this application, please turn it in to the Gate House with all supporting documentation.

Long Point Property Owners' Association
Rules for Golf Carts
Effective September 24, 2003

All Golf Carts must be registered with Security at the Gate House. Any unregistered Golf Cart is not authorized to use the streets of Long Point.

Each cart will be issued a set of numbers (decal) that must be placed on the sides of the Golf Cart. Any Golf Cart that does not display the numbers will not be allowed to operate on Long Point streets.

The driver of the Golf Cart must have a valid driver's license. Due to a recent ruling by the Georgia Court of Appeals dated June 13, 2003, The State holds that every operator of a golf cart, juvenile or adult, must have a driver's license. Gated communities although private, are subject to the Uniform Rules of the Road and therefore fall under law O.C.G.A. #40-5-20 requiring drivers of all motor vehicles, including Golf Carts, to have a driver's license. There will be no exceptions to the law permitted by Long Point.

Golf Carts are to be used only on streets and other paved areas. Any cart found on lawns (other than the owner's property) or other green space will be suspended for use for 30 days. The DNR prohibits any Golf Carts to be driven in the marsh or wetlands area that surround Long Point. Golf Carts must have operational lighting front and rear.

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