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Long Point Property Owners' Association
Architectural Review Board
Short Form Application

We request permission to do the follow at the above referenced property:


Please email sample color(s) to


Change color shingles. Covenants specify "architectural" type shingle must be used. Email a sample of the new {colored} shingle with this application or provide a color chart. If you replace the roof with the same color, this is considered a "repair" and does not require ARB approval.


In all of the above the ARB needs a description of what the new replacement items will look like in color, size, etc. It can be a brochure, photo, web-link, or sample piece so that the ARB understands what the property will look like after the change.


Note: Tree's greater than 4" in diameter at chest height must have ARB approval. Please mark the tree(s) with ribbon so that the ARB members can easily identify. General pruning does not require ARB approval.


For New: Need description such as dimensions, type of fence (metal, brick, stucco, etc.) need outline sketch of house, and property lines, showing where fence will be place, reason for fence (i.e., pool, etc.). Covenants do not permit a fence to be used to define the property lines. Fences cannot extend further than the rear house line. No fence can protrude on either side of the home so that it is viewable from the street.





Please add any additional information necessary to your request

In general, when you submit your request, please provide as much information as possible. If you are adding onto a house, you will need to use the Construction Application. To enclose a porch with windows/doors, etc. you may use the short form along with the plans/drawings from the builder. You are responsible to have the builder or contractor obtain the necessary permits and approval from the Chatham County Building Department.

If you have any questions, please contact an ARB member.

Thanks for submitting!

If you would prefer to download and print this application, please turn it in to the Gate House with all supporting documentation.

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