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Annual LPPOA Homeowners meeting June 20, 2023 at 6PM

You should receive an email from Sentry today with the Annual Meeting packet. You should also be receiving a hard copy in the mail next week. If you don't receive one of these notices, please contact Sentry at

We hope to see everyone at the meeting but understand it is a busy month. If you are unsure if you will attend, please turn in the proxy ballot. This will help us determine a quorum as well as begin to tally votes. We have 5 residents who are interested in serving as a volunteer Board member and three positions open. This is the first time, in at least the past 10 years, that we have more nominees than available positions. Please vote for up to three on the ballot.

The packet is on the website and available when signed in as a member. For easier access you can view it online now.


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