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Traffic Signal and Front Entrance Beautification

With the new light construction almost finished, we are already working with our landscape provider to get irrigation back up and running as well as making plans to beautify the entrance. We also have an updated Long Point sign on order that will match our street signs and the vendor is going to repair the stucco on the main sign when they install the new sign plates.

Here is the traffic signal update from Deana, our contact at Chatham County Engineering:

“I’ve been getting a few service requests concerning the traffic signal at Johnny Mercer and Lyman Hall cycling even when there are no cars present. We currently have the traffic signal running on the time cycles only to ensure that the timing is sufficient to handle the traffic. In the upcoming weeks the sensors will come online to make the timing sequences more efficient. The traffic signal is in test for a period of 30 days.


Also wanted to follow up that the sight distance was confirmed with the traffic signal. I also wanted to make you aware that the contract is not up. We are working with Georgia Power to remove the laid down street lights and I will have the contractor complete clean up of the site in the upcoming weeks. There are also street lights that will be coming on in the next few weeks that will add illumination to the intersection to increase visibility.”


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