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Sentry payment portal for Annual Assment

The Sentry team is adding the annual assessment to everyone’s accounts. Once they have added it, the monthly or one time payment options will be available on the Sentry Portal. Sentry has told us the payment options should be set up early next week. We are sorry for the delay but please know the payment or monthly ACH set up just needs to be completed by April 30 (NO LATE FEES until after April 30). You are always welcome to leave a check at the gate as well for the one time payment. Sentry collects once per week. Sentry mailed out paper statements with payment instructions this week.

FYI- the Sentry Portal has a community section with monthly financials for our POA.


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Unknown member
Apr 03

Sentry is awful. Nothing is updated on their crappy website. It's not a surprise that people were in arrears with such a bad payment system.


Unknown member
Mar 29

I just checked the site and it says we owe $4,940!!!! It should be $1,940! We have already dropped our check at the gatehouse-

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