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Covenants Committee Recap

We had a great turnout for the Covenants Committee meeting last week.  

Our next meeting will be June 14 at 6:00pm at the pool pavilion.  Everyone is welcome to attend and contribute.

The Board facilitated the creation of draft covenants for the community based on feedback at annual meetings of the need to update and modernize our current covenants. The editing of the new draft covenants is now in the hands of the committee, which is open to any residents.

Mr. Colby Longley, the attorney who is working with Long Point on the covenants re-write, will be attending this June meeting. Mr. Longley will discuss the pros and cons of the GA Property Owners Association Act as well as provide guidance on the covenants re-write.

We are asking for your help prior to the meeting. If you 

can please review the latest draft ( in documents) and provide feedback, by June 9th, to, we will try to incorporate all comments into the document or as comment boxes within the document, before the meeting. 

At the end of the meeting, we will schedule the next meeting and subsequent agenda.

Thank you for to all residents who are willing to volunteer for the covenants committee. 


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